Create a Case

The Create Case interface is an application form to provide details about the proposed plant and upload the PSCAD model.

When creating a case, the plant models and associated documentation should be consistent with AEMO Australian Energy Market Operator's modelling guidelines for PSCAD V5 as described in Modelling requirements.

Creating your case involves preparation efforts from the AEMO CST Engineer which incurs a cost. The cost is dependent on the number of items to be configured for your case.

CST PSCAD model requirements

Before creating a Case, check that your PSCAD model meets the following requirements:

  • Only PSCAD V5 models are accepted.

  • Your model does not contain any dependant libraries. For example, if you have submitted a Workspace (.pswx) file, it must not load any PSCAD library (.pslx) files except the PSCAD master library. Any definitions from external libraries should be transferred into your project file. They must not reference an external library that needs to be loaded.

  • Your model builds and runs with Intel oneAPI Fortran Compiler Classic. If your model does not compile with Intel oneAPI Fortran Compiler Classic, no other Fortran versions will be accepted.

  • Your model is submitted in a SMIB format and it can be run with no extra steps required aside from clicking Run in PSCAD.

  • When building or running the model, there are no build or runtime errors.

  • The model initialises and reaches its POC targets.

  • The point of connection P, Q and V reference signals are clearly labelled within the model.

Documentation requirements

When creating a Case, you need to upload the following documentation to support the integration of your model:

  • Case Consent form - It identifies the nominated tool user, the authorising registered participant, and provides authority for the model to be used in the tool. It also contains information such as contact and charging details. The form must be completed and signed each time a case is created in the portal. If you are recreating a case with the same site, Registered Participant, and tool user, you can resubmit your original Case Consent form. If any of these items are changed, you must submit a new form. 

  • RUG, even partially completed. AEMO understands that your CST usage could come early in the connection process. If you do not have a RUG, at a bare minimum the following information must be provided:

    • Adequate Connection Point information.

    • Information on additional infrastructure (such as substations and transmission lines) that need to be modelled due to integrating your plant to the network.

    • Key signals details (such as POC P, Q or V signals) and where they are located.

    • Details on how to change plant references.

  • Documentation that can assist AEMO in integrating your model such as voltage control strategy and Special Protection Scheme information.

Creating a Case

To create a case:

  1. Click Connections Simulation Tool > Create Case.

  1. Complete the provided fields. Mandatory fields are highlighted with a red asterisk (*). See the table below for more information and examples. Include any requirements for the case in relevant fields or attached documentation, such as specific faults for conducting studies and if a runtime or timestep change is required.

  2. In the Model section, complete the provided fields and upload your PSCAD model as a ZIP file, documentation including your RUG and signed Case Consent form as PDF files.Note: The tool only accepts PSCAD V5 model compatible with the Intel OneAPI Fortran Compiler: Classic 2021.x (32 bit). For more information, see CST PSCAD model requirements and Documentation requirements.

  3. If required, click Add Model to add additional models.

  4. Click Continue. Alternatively, click Save as draft to save the case as a draft and return to it later. See Viewing cases.

  5. Complete the provided fields on the page.

  6. Click Confirm and Submit to submit the case or Save as draft to save it as a draft.

When the case is submitted, it is sent to the AEMO Connections Simulation Tool (CST) team for assessment. The turnaround time can vary depending on the assessment queue and complexity of the Case.

See Next steps for information on the assessment process.

The table below lists the Create Case form fields with descriptions, requirements and examples.






Details about the case and sponsor company



Case Name

Case identifier. Use the format ParticipantName_SiteName_MonthYear

If you are recreating a case, use the case name of the previous case.



Case Description

Project details including the Case name of a previously create case, signal information, any faults you want to study, and information related to the tool’s use.



Case being created to allow the projects consultants to perform application studies on our new 200MW wind farm, Windy Wind Farm.

Sponsor Company Name

Name of the sponsoring Registered Participant. 100 character limit.


My Company Name

Sponsor Company ABN

ABN of the sponsoring Registered Participant. 9-11 digits.




Information about the nominated user using CST.




The user’s title contact for project enquiries


Senior Engineer

User Name

The user’s name to contact for project enquiries



Business Name

The company name of the user to contact for project enquiries


Consult Consultants

Phone Number

The phone number to contact for project enquiries




The user’s email address to contact for project enquiries


Member of Participant Organisation

Denotes whether or not your organisation is registered market participant.




CST Case configuration details.



Type of User

Two user type options available:
- Connection
- NSP (currently not supported)



VM Performance

The VM performance level dictates the speed at which studies takes to run and the running cost.

This can vary but indicative times below are based on a 30 second run with a single contingency:

  • Low (32 cores): 2.5-3.5 hours

  • Medium (64 cores): 1.5-2.5 hours

  • High (104 cores): 1-2 hours

Note: PSCAD simulations are run with the four-state model data, hence simulation run times are much longer compared to running studies on individual models.



Have you previously used the Connections Tool for this project?

Check box to provide options for recreating a case. See Recreate a Case.







Upload Model

Upload the PSCAD file as a ZIP file. Only PSCAD V5 files are accepted. For more information, see Create a Case.

100MB limit per file.


Upload Documentation

Upload relevant documentation. This must include:

  • PSCAD releasable user guide (RUG) or equivalent

  • If available, PSSE RUG and Voltage Control Strategy document (VCS). See Documentation requirements.



Upload Case Consent Form

Upload a signed Case Consent form in PDF format.


Connection Simulation Tool Case Consent Form.pdf

Connection Point Voltage

Option to select the voltage level at your connection point in kV.



Connection Point Location

The location of the connection point. Provide detailed information of the exact connection point in the existing network.

This information could be contained in the documentation that you uploaded.

If you have nothing additional to add for the connection point beyond what is written in the documentation, then please copy the same text here.

500 character limit.


Bendigo 220kV existing substation (see RUG for more details) 

Connection Point State

A list to select the state where the connection point resides.



Connecting NSP

The NSP the connection is associated with your project and connection point.



Key Generators

A list of proximate committed generators to be included in your case. You can also include the preferred dispatch levels.


AEMO takes into consideration what is provided, but ultimately makes an assessment based on your case setup requirements.


If no information is provided, AEMO assumes there are no key generators to be added.


4000 character limit.


The NSP and AEMO had provided the following list of key generators to include in our network studies: 

  • Sunshine Solar farm 

  • Sunny Solar farm 

  • Gusty wind farm 


Special Protection Schemes

Details of special protection schemes that you would like implemented. These may affect your plant or be in the neighbouring area of your plant. AEMO can implement these if they are not already included in the wide-area model.


If no information is provided, AEMO assumes there are no special protection schemes to be added.

4000 character limit.


Trip on a line external to a plant so AEMO can pass back signals to model.

Network Case Configuration

Any specific network configuration to be applied to your case.


You cannot request multiple different network scenarios across more than one case. All requests are applied to the single case.

Examples include:

  • Proximate load and generator dispatch levels

  • Line outages

  • Network upgrades relevant to the project

AEMO takes into consideration what is provided, but ultimately makes an assessment based on your case setup requirements.


If no information is provided, AEMO assumes no network configuration is to be added.


4000 character limit.


Low system strength conditions.

Intention Of Use

The purpose for using the Connections Simulation Tool.

4000 character limit.


We want to study how our wind farm will perform when connected to our intended connection point. We would like to tune our model parameters if problems are found. 

Additional Information

Additional information that is helpful for AEMO to integrate your proposed plant model with the network. This can include:

  • If you would like to study multiple operating points for your plant (e.g., Pmin and Pmax). AEMO determines there's a significant difference in such operating points and prepares load flows as appropriate.

  • Key faults that you would like included

  • Requests for network signals beyond your point of connection

  • Any other information that is beneficial for your plant setup

AEMO takes into consideration what is provided, but ultimately makes an assessment based on your case setup requirements.

4000 character limit.


We would like to study the same conditions with our second stage of the project added into the model and in the near future. 


We expect to update the PSCAD model in the next month, and we will need those changes added into the model used in this tool.

Job Title

Designated contact's job title.


Grid Connection Specialist 


Designated contact's name.


Sam Smith 


Designated contact's phone number




Designated contact’s email address.

Note: The email address entered here is not the email that receives periodic updates about the CST case. It is reserved only for use if there is an urgent model related question. In most cases, the user here is the same user as in the Nominated User section.