Recreate a Case

CST provides the ability to recreate a Case for a project that is closed.

A case is recreated in the Create Case interface by completing the provided fields similar to creating a new Case. However, to indicate you are recreating a Case, in the Connection Tool Setting section, you select the Have you previously used the Connections Tool for this project? check box, then select one of the following recreate scenarios:

  • Upload a new PSCAD model that is integrated with the same network as the previous case.

  • Redeploy the previous case with no changes to the PSCAD model or settings.

Note: When a case is recreated, it uses the same 4-state model when the case was first created. Changes can be accommodated at an additional cost.

Recreating a Case

To recreate a case:

  1. Click Connections Simulation Tool > Create Case.

  2. Complete the provided fields in the Details, Nominated User, and Connection Tool Setting sections. Mandatory fields are indicated with a red asterisk (*). See Table 1 for more information.

    • In the Case Description field, state that it is a recreated case.

    • Include any requirements such as any specific faults for conducting studies and if a runtime or timestep change is required.

  3. In the Connection Tool Setting section, select the Have you previously used the Connections Tool for this project? checkbox. Two options are displayed:

    • Using the same network case you used last time: Select this option if a new PSCAD model is uploaded with the case. You can also provide additional PSCAD models.

    • Using the same PSCAD model you submitted last time: Select this option if you are submitting the same details and PSCAD model as the previously submitted case. There will be no option to upload a PSCAD model.

  4. Complete the fields in the Model section. For information about model and documentation requirements, see PSCAD Case model requirements and Documentation requirements.

  5. Click Continue. Alternatively, click Save as draft to save the case as a draft and return to it later. See Viewing cases.

  6. Click Confirm & Submit to submit the case for assessment. If further information is required, an email notification is sent with details of the note added to the case.

When the case is submitted, it is sent to the AEMO Australian Energy Market Operator CST team for assessment. The turnaround time can vary depending on the assessment queue and complexity. See Next steps.